Wearables and the Internet of (People and) Things

Internet connected cars, thermostats, refrigerators, fire detectors: the list goes on. And now wearables are ushering in Internet connected people.

Clearly the Internet of Things is likely to get a huge boost with the growth of wearables. How about starting to call it the Internet of People and Things?

Google’s Android Wear announcement certainly looks like a tipping point. A move that should accelerate the emergence of a whole new slew of products in this category: smart watches, smart wristbands, smart rings, to name a few.

In the not so distant future, perhaps we might see wearables replace smartphones. If I could do the things that a smartphone can do using my (smart)watch, why do I need the smartphone any longer?

However I am not able to see wearables yet as a breakthrough innovation. In the mold of the iPod, IPhone, and Ipad, which were evidently transformative.

On the other hand, wearables and the IoT look more like a platform for delivering innovation. It is entirely possible that these innovations are in the works right now as I write this post. Secret projects being feverishly built in the cover of darkness. By companies and people we have never heard of. Entirely new product categories that customers don’t even know they need.

Something that affects every individual, every consumer in the world. With real social and economic impact.

Perhaps wearables will someday directly connect the 7 B or so people on the planet. Channeling their collective energy in new and revolutionary ways, wearables and IoT lead to real transformation. Warding off disease, eliminating crime, averting accidents, preventing war, fighting climate change.

Making the world a better place to live in. Seems to me that is the real promise of the technology.


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