There is an app for that

Today, as a consumer, you have access to a huge number of apps on your mobile device. What if the same was the case in the enterprise world?

The premise is that many of today’s enterprise apps are inefficient and costly and come with considerable redundant functionality. Takes a lot of heavy lifting to implement these systems and the results are often uncertain. Stories of failed implementations and spiraling costs abound.

Consider instead an alternate universe. Where you have available a whole range of smaller apps that represent each of the specific tasks that enterprises need to accomplish. All running in the cloud.

Much like the consumer mobile apps, these apps are purchased from enterprise app malls that are in some ways similar to today’s consumer app stores. Several competing malls offer a wide range of choices and options.

Each app performs a distinct task and runs on any device. Computations are performed either remotely at the back-end or on the device where you are running the app, whatever makes most sense.

I am assuming that some of today’s larger apps may continue to exist but buyers will also have another option.

So if you are looking to implement an enterprise application you can either:

Buy a monolithic, integrated app. Or

Buy the exact unit-level apps that represent the functionality you are seeking.

If you choose the second option then implementation will essentially boil down to “weaving together” the apps you need, mirroring the business processes you are looking to have in place. Reminds me of how one would assemble from an Ikea kit. I expect that rolling out these systems will take a fair amount of expertise for which companies will either use internal resources or hire a third-party system integrator to do the job.

But the advantage is that you don’t get saddled with lots of duplicate, unnecessary functionality. You just buy what you need and assemble the system. And since everything runs in the cloud there is no need to have on-premises infrastructure for running these apps.

Also you can start small if you like. With a limited set of components. And gradually expand.  At a pace that you choose.

Benefits include hugely expanded flexibility and choice. And much lower risk.

Clearly I am just touching the tip of the iceberg with this concept. As always, the devil is in the details.

But the path seems clear. The mobile world has shown the way. The enterprise world has to follow. 


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